An Interactive Music Experience That Enriches Learning and Promotes Healing

Beamz Interactive Music System is a universally designed laser controller that gives users of any age, physical or cognitive ability instant access to hundreds of musical instruments, sound effects and songs.


Beamz In Special Education

With Beamz, learning and skill building take place through music. Whether you want to teach early concepts like cause and effect, directionality and sequencing, or use it to help students remember steps of the scientific method, Beamz versatility in its application context is unmatched. Since Beamz is universally designed and completely accessible, students with all physical and cognitive abilities can actively participate in learning. Learn more


Beamz In Therapy and Rehabilitation

Imagine physical, occupational and neuro therapy sessions where functional objectives are met by playing music! Patients can learn to use adaptive peripherals, work on fine and gross motor skills, or engage in brain exercises to maintain acuity or accelerate rehabilitation. Learn more


Beamz At Home

One of the most unique attributes of Beamz is its ability to create a shared, unbelievably fun, social experience for the widest range of abilities and ages, while at the same time exercising the mind and body. If you have a person with a disability in your home—a child with Autism (ASD), someone who’s suffered a traumatic brain injury, has physical limitations, is multiply disabled—Beamz will create authentic opportunities for everyone in your family to enjoy participating in the same activity. We have partnered with Lekotek to create great “at home” structured activities to give you some great ideas but we know once you’ve used Beamz, you’ll dream up a million of your own ways to enjoy using it! Learn more


Beamz In Music Education

At Beamz, we passionately believe that interactive experiences with music can enrich the lives of people of any age or physical ability. We also believe that expanding experiences with music and cultivating a love of music-making, fosters a life-long desire to participate in many different music mediums, and ultimately, the adoption of playing musical instruments and/or creating music digitally. Learn More