Investors: Beamz

A Revolutionary Way to Interact and Experience Making Music

The next generation of the Beamz consumer product platform will provide similar capabilities to the current Beamz product, plus it will have the following additional features and functionality:

  • 50% size reduction
  • MIDI capability (The music industry standard)
  • Bluetooth wireless capability
  • Expanded compatibility as described below

Variation of the hardware platform will include

  1. Beamz DJ – which is planned to include the integration of the Virtual DJ software capability
  2. Beamz Classroom – which is tailored to special education classrooms
  3. Beamz ME (Music Education) — which is planned to be positioned as a self-guided educational entertainment product that will be appropriate in a wide variety of settings.

Beamz Pro: The new Beamz Pro product platform will include all the capabilities of the Beamz consumer product platform, plus it will include proximity control to allow:

  • Side to side control across a laser beam
  • Touch pad DJ control capability
  • Higher power lasers for greater visual display

We expect an additional future hardware product may include a children’s version and a physical and neuro rehabilitation version of the Beamz.

The new Beamz product platform is expected to be launched with Windows and iOS (iPhone and iPad) compatibility, followed by MAC and Win 8 application compatibility with computing/tablet devices using the Windows 8 RT application (e.g. entry level Surface tablet models). The iOS and Windows 8 RT applications will work with and without the Beamz hardware.