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Entertaining or Educational? Both!

Children love music and music videos. We’ve leveraged their innate appeal to those medias, and through interactivity, expanded that experience to deliver a whole new level of entertainment. In addition to being highly engaging, all of our early learning content is educational. Research shows that interplay with music cultivates creativity and improves cognition, reading and math skills. Beamz has a variety of Interactive Music Videos (IMVs), songs and activities that embed the critical building-block skills that promise to increase the likelihood of success your child will experience throughout their K-12 career. Our content collections address alphabetic principals, phonics, shapes, counting, life skills, early music education and more. There’s no accounting for taste, so we offer everything from vivid animation, to real life personalities and content delivered by other children—a little something for every child’s individual preference.


Download Beamz Free App–Includes 17 Free Interactive Songs!

Are you an iPad, iPhone or Android user? Mac or Windows? Doesn’t matter, get Beamz early learning content for the device of your choice! In both the Apple and Google Play store, simply search for the Beamz Free App and download instantly. You will receive our leading edge interactive music software, as well as 17 free interactive songs – including sample medleys of our GiggleBellies and Learning Station interactive music videos! For Windows users, go to the support section of this website and download our Player Software for free. Just like the diverse choices in content we provide for children, we support parents’ favorite technology platforms.

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Play the Light

While all of our early learning content can be enjoyed using only the Beamz App, we do have another layer of WOW waiting to be experienced. Meet the Beamz Controller. Kids ramp up motor skills, rhythm, timing, eye-hand coordination and higher level processing tasks by touching lasers and playing light.  You can opt to purchase the Beamz Home Edition  which provides you with the controller, 36 additional, family-centric songs, and a play guide.