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Any Age—Any Physical Ability

Beamz has created a “Home Edition” of the offering we provide to professionals working in the Education and Healthcare fields. Beamz Home is universally designed so that any one, regardless of age or ability level, can actively participate in making music. In addition to the sheer pleasure of playing music and creating original song mixes, Beamz can be used in very specific ways to target skill development or extend physical and cognitive therapies at home. Beamz software is totally accessible, meaning if your family member requires the use of a switch, adapted keyboard, touch surface, an eye gaze or other, it’s built in. Learn more about our Accessibility options. One last subtlety, Beamz is authentically fun and so it creates an opportunity for sharing a mutually enjoyable experience across generations and ability levels.


For Children

Beamz Home Edition includes a guide with 14 activities. Ten of those activities derive from the Lekotek Family Play Guide. The National Lekotek Center is widely known for its role in adapting and creating toys and activities that target development through inclusive play—you’ve probably seen Lekotek’s work in the Toys R Us Differently-Abled Catalog. Together, we’ve created a collection of games that deliver an expanded way to experience, interact and immerse kids in music while they invisibly work on critical developmental milestones. Specifically, we focused on Physical, Cognitive, Sensory, Communicative and Social-Emotional skill areas.

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Special Adult 2

For Adults

Whether you have an adult member of your family who has suffered a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, is suffering from dementia, has been stricken with ALS or was born with a cognitive or physical disability…you’ll find Beamz can be a wonderful medium for creative expression, cognitive tasks and therapeutic exercises. In the Home Edition Activity Guide we also include some cognitive and physical therapy activities. If your family member is working with a therapist, we have more explicit materials available in our Therapy Section that address different types of therapy protocols you might be using.


What’s Included – Beamz Home Edition

  • Beamz Laser Controller
  • Beamz Cross-Platform Player Software for Windows, Mac or iOS
  • 36 interactive songs; wide variation of genres with selection focused for family and multi-generation play
  • A printed copy of the Beamz Home Activity Guide with 14 games and activities for inclusive family play, skill development & fun