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December 2014/January 2015 issue

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Beamz AblePlay Rating

Beamz – Lekotek Family Play Bundle Receives High Ratings In AblePlay Review

The National Lekotek’s AblePlay has performed it’s rigorous review of the Beamz – Lekotek Family Play Bundle, an offering that leverages all of the new features of Beamz latest generation product, plus adds family centered song content and sample activities for inclusive home play.

The “exceptional” and “very good” ratings are among the highest ranked scores awarded by AblePlay out of the list of products that have undergone the same review (click on the report image to download a report copy).

Summary of Features and Benefits Provided by AblePlay

  • Durable
  • Auditorily Stimulating
  • Wide Age Range
  • Inviting Due to Uniqueness
  • Open-Ended
  • Innovative
  • Wide Range Volume Control
  • Independent Activity
  • Group Activity
  • Hands-on Approach to Learning
  • Includes Activity Guide
  • One-piece Unit

Summary of Developmental Processes Promoted Provided by AblePlay

  • Visual Attention
  • Visual Tracking
  • Auditory Attention
  • Visual Processing
  • Sound Imitation
  • Cause and Effect
  • Eye-hand Coordination
  • Reaching/Arm Extension

  • Functional Finger Movement and Exploration
  • Social Interaction
  • Coordinated Movement
  • Motor Planning
  • Creativity
  • Bilateral Coordination
  • Strategic Thinking

“I’ve used the Beamz Music System with students that range from kindergarten to fifth grade, both with and without disabilities. Whether using it as a center in my classroom, to help kids with ADHD take a break during their academic day, or to help kids with autism get the sensory input they need, the Beamz delivers an exciting approach to learning while building self-esteem and independence. It would be so beneficial for my students to be able to take this experience into their homes to enjoy with the whole family.”

-Anne Fishburne, Resource Specialist, Cajon Valley Unified School District

“We believe the Beamz Family Song Bundle and Beamz Family Play Guide will have a great impact on the special needs market. The compilation and creation of the bundle and the Family Play Guide will help to bring children of all skill levels together and create shared experiences for the entire family through music.”

-Macy Kaiser, National Lekotek Center director

“The beamz interactive music system is the ultimate toy that fits like a glove in functionality, popularity, and Creative playQuotient, especially with teens. Just imagine being able to command a group of instruments, pick up a beat, and mix that with a video from a famous performing music artist with a waive of the hands and a practically zero learning curve!”

-The Toy Man® Product Guide – 5-Star Rating & Seal Of Approval 2011-2012, Recipient of The Toy Man® Award of Excellence & The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award

“It’s the perfect gift for music lovers, gadget geeks, and everyone in between…It’s sure to get toes tapping, hands waving, and will bring smiles to many faces…”


“…it has got to be the coolest gift ever!…The amount of fun you can have is endless and honestly, it’s quite addicting. Your kids will LOVE you if you do!”

-Tots to Teens Magazine

“Fun For Everyone! This is a great family gift for those who like to rock out, do karaoke, and sing together as a family.”

-A Year of Jubilee Reviews

“Beamz is simply a delightful enjoyable instrument for anyone who wishes to tap into their musical spirit.”

-Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute

“Beamz is a completely new musical instrument concept that anyone can play; whether you’re an experienced musician or a complete novice.”

-Music Trades

“The Beamz lets anyone – and I do mean anyone – make beautiful music without having to read traditional sheet music!”

-Luxury Electronics

“One of the five coolest product at CES.”

“The Beamz Player did a great job bringing out the hidden musician within me.”

-One Momma Saving Money Blog

“This is like a big kid toy for us adults! Ok, ok… kids too I guess. It’s so easy to play too and create great sounding music. My kids just love it… plus who doesn’t like playing with lasers? This would make a great family gift or for any music lover in your life.”

-Coupon Dad Blog

“Now, Beamz Interactive has invented a unique and state-of-the-art way for us to arrange, create and play music immediately, with no professional training or years of practice necessary! I have to admit that I have become absolutely addicted to my Beamz Player. It is just so cool to be able to effortlessly play a song which sounds so beautiful and in-tune, right out of the box. I also love how I can play some of my favorite songs a different way each time, so that when it’s over, I just want to start over and try something else with it.”

-Mommy Living The Life Of Riley Blog

“Promise you won’t be disappointed with this one, not only will the family enjoy, if you plan on entertaining some guests at parties or just having friends over, this would be a wonderful entertainment to enjoy with the guests!”

-My Side of Life Blog

“My two children are in awe of this product. It inspires creativity on a level that appeals to children and adults alike, as the user-friendly design is certain to create a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation toward music. It is the first of its kind and will become one of those items that you are delighted to share with others! I especially like the fact that it is simple enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for an expert musician to enjoy!”

-Critique of the Unique Blog

“I can see how older kids would REALLY get into this! I like that its something the ENTIRE family can enjoy – from 1 to 36 in our house – and with great music being produced, its hard to resist dancing to the music!”

-This Mama Loves Her Bargains Blog

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