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Beamz Therapy Resources: Protocols for Structured Use

Protocols and sample activities available for use with the Beamz provide professionals the structure and measurement tools to accomplish a range of therapeutic goals including cognitive, physical, social/emotional, sensory, and other life skills using music as the engagement vehicle.

Beamz Therapy Guide

TU-Rehab Sci Logo The Beamz Therapy Guide, developed with the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Temple University, provides protocols that may be used by all clinicians and includes measurement tools for therapists to use Beamz and music making for a range of cognitive, physical and social/emotional goals.

Music Therapy Protocols

MusicWorx-Logo The music therapy protocols developed with MusicWorx, Inc. are based on neuro music therapy (NMT) interventions that are ideal for use with patients with traumatic brain injuries, recovering from strokes or any other trauma. These music therapy protocols also provide opportunities for collaboration with occupational therapists and also include protocols for general health and wellness using music as the means for participants to connect their bodies to their mind, with intense focus without the physical tension used in other therapeutic means.

Beamz Therapy Resources - Sample Request

Complete the form below for FREE sample PDF download links for the Beamz Therapy Guide, a resource designed for broad therapist use to accomplish a range of goals using music and the Beamz Interactive music system, and the Beamz Music Therapy Protocols, a resource for music therapists including structured NMT interventions.