Beamz and Accessibility

Beamz software is universally designed, which means people of differing abilities who may not be able to utilize traditional laser play, can access many of the Beamz features and functions through adaptive devices and alternative methods.  All of the activities included in this guide can be adapted to accommodate individuals with physical disabilities.  At the point within each of the activities where the student is required to demonstrate or actively participate is where the adaptations are typically made.

Tobii Eye Gaze

Beamz has created a customized version of its Windows Player Software purposefully designed to work in conjunction with the Tobii Eye Gaze.

Interactive Whiteboards and Touch Screens

Beamz software interface is a near replication of the Beamz laser controller.  Players can activate lasers and function buttons by touching the lasers and buttons on the screens of touchscreen enabled devices–laptops, tablets, IOS devices and interactive whiteboards.

Keyboards and Alternative Keyboards

All twelve instruments sounds, page swapping and rhythm track activation have correlating key equivalents.  This enables players to use standard and adaptive keyboards.


Make Beamz switch accessible by connecting a programmable switch interface.  Programmable interfaces allow you to pair key commands to specified jack ports.  You can then plug in multiple switches for activating instruments sounds, page swapping and rhythm track start/stop. The number of switches is dependent on how many ports are provided on the particular interface device you’re using—the number of jacks vary from model to model.

Head Pointers

A head pointer is a great “low tech” method for playing the laser controller.  In fact, you can use any object to interrupt the lasers—heads, toes, and even feathers!