Beamz In Music Education

Beamz is the perfect “gateway medium”, even for your youngest students. Beamz provides access to hundreds of rich sounding instruments and can help you introduce every imaginable genre. Structured activities (included) guide you through using Beamz to teach an array of music fundamentals. You can also use Beamz to let students show off their creative side. They can create their own unique mixes and arrangements, support presentations and theatrical performances. In addition to using Beamz in Music Education, Beamz is already a proven solution in Special Education, Therapeutic and Rehabilitation settings. It’s also an innovative, captivating tool to combine music making and the “arts” to teach STEM subjects in an engaging, memorable way.


Innovative Educators Wanted

The key to Beamz’ success is our continued collaboration with experts in various areas of education to create guided activities and other customized content. We’re always looking for innovative individuals who would like the opportunity to show off their skills!

      We are currently developing content in the following areas:
  • Music Education
  • Music Therapy
  • Special Education
  • OT/PT
  • Autism/ASD
  • STEM Subjects


Beamz For Education and Health Care Order Information

What’s Included:

  • Beamz laser controller
  • Windows Player Software and 50-Song DVD
  • Beamz Apple Store Access to Mac Player Software and 50 Song Redemption Code
  • Activity Guide
Item code: C1R42-EHC       $349.95