The latest Beamz interactive music product (model C1R42; black with red lit logo) is also a MIDI laser controller

To use Beamz with MIDI applications, move the switch on the rear side of the product from the HID position to MIDI.

Then you may program the four laser beams and the eight buttons to use with any MIDI compliant application.


For an in-depth overview of the Beamz MIDI capabilities, Download MIDI Guide

There are hundreds of MIDI applications on the market – for more information about MIDI, visit www.midi.org.

Leading music production and DJ applications that use MIDI include:

  • Ableton Live
  • Reason
  • Cakewalk – Roland
  • Virtual DJ
  • Serato
  • Traktor – Native Instruments
  • Sony ACID Music Studio
    any many more….