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Classical, Rock, Pop, Electronica, Hip Hop, Dance, Country, Alternative, Indie Pop, Dubstep, Children’s Videos, Disney Classics, Nature Sounds….the Beamz music library offers interactive songs for everyone’s interests and there are hundreds of instruments and sound effects.

The Beamz Home Edition product includes 30+ songs to get started and the Beamz Professional Edition products include 50+ songs (click here to view lists). 500+ songs are available for PC users via the website and 300+ songs are available for iOS/MAC users via the Beamz Store within the iOS and MAC applications. Song bundles in the music store provide discounts up to 50% off individual song purchases.

Song Types

Beamz Original songs – these are interactive songs creatively made by Beamz composers for anyone to enjoy making unique music. These are fun songs to experiment with instruments of the world and unique music genres. Beamz users often enjoy these songs more than playing with music from familiar artists.

Jam songs – interactive songs composed in the style of the original artist. Titles include current top charting artists (e.g. Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, etc.) and iconic artists like Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles, Bobby Darin, etc. Many of these songs include vocal tracks that may be muted when using the latest Beamz controller.

Interactive Music Video songs (IMV) – engaging and entertaining music video songs with educational and skill building experiences. Includes music videos from The Learning Station and GiggleBellies for extraordinary early learning development experiences.

Video Jam songs (vJam) – interactive songs that include the original artist music videos. The Beamz music library offers Rock Classics like Heart Of Glass from Blondie and Mony Mony from Billy Idol, Indie Artists and Kids songs from The Learning Station and GiggleBellies.

Karaoke songs (kJam) – these interactive songs include a video window with the song lyrics. This “karaoke” dimension provides fun twist to add in harmonious instruments into the playback of karaoke songs – and provides an opportunity for anyone to join in the fun without having to take the lead singing.

Education songs – interactive songs with videos to guide users through experiences learning music concepts, introducing music genres and instruments, matching images with sounds, building skills and more.

Interactive Story Music Video songs – entertaining and creative interactive music video songs combined with storytelling.

Education & Simon Says Series Collections

Education Series – Music Appreciation Introduction to music genres: classical, rock, hip hop, jazz, country; introduction to rhythm, melody.

Simon Says Series Follow along games for music activities (learning concepts of rhythm and melody); animal sounds (zoo animals, farm animals) and nature sounds.

Overview Videos: Learning/Education, Life Skills Lesson Plans, Beamz Activity Guide

Education Series – Musical Instrument Discovery 16 educational game songs, quizzes and training games: Guitars, World Instruments, Keyboards, Percussion, Strings, Wind Instruments.

GiggleBellies & The Learning Station Bundles Interactive music video songs that entertain and educate; ideal for early learning.

Education Series – Times Tables Quiz games for building memorization of times tables 1 to 12.

Activity Guides, Lesson Plans & Therapy Protocols

Beamz Home Edition Activity Guide This guide is included with the Beamz Home Edition product and includes 14 games for home and family play. 10 of the games included with this guide were created by The National Lekotek Center for inclusive family play; 2 activities are for all ages for brain fitness, memory, creativity and FUN; 2 activities are for early learning and motivation.
Beamz Professional Sample Activities This resource is included with the Beamz Professional Edition product and Professional Edition bundles. The Beamz Professional Sample Activities collection provides educators, therapists and professionals structured activities for using Beamz with students, patients and clients for learning, skill development and FUN. It comprises 13 activities: 6 activities for all settings, 2 lesson plan excerpts from the Lesson Plans For Life Skills Classrooms curriculum, 2 games from the Home and Family games collection created with The National Lekotek Center and 3 therapy protocol adaptations from the Beamz Therapy Guide created with the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Temple University.

Senior Care Intro Activities This FREE guide comprises 4 adapted activities from Beamz Therapy Guide for use by all professionals working in senior care settings for memory care, brain fitness, music therapy/music activities, recreation therapy, occupational/physical therapy and social activities – learn more and download a FREE copy of this resource.

Lesson Plans for Life Skills The Life Skills Lesson Plans book provides educators and activity leaders a framework for using music making activities to teach life skills including understanding numeric patterns, developing language/communication skills, improving motor skills, connecting subjects and socialization. The book comprises 10 lesson plans and includes worksheets, assessments and handouts plus two additional Beamz interactive songs for use with specific lessons.

The Lesson Plans for Life Skills book is included with the Life Skills Class Bundle (Beamz sku: EHC-LIFE) and is also available separately (Beamz sku: LPLANS) – download a FREE copy of the Lesson Plan index.

Beamz Therapy Guide The Beamz Therapy Guide, developed with the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Temple University, provides protocols that may be used by all clinicians and includes measurement tools for therapists to use Beamz and music making for a range of cognitive, physical and social/emotional goals – learn more and download a FREE sample of this guide.
Beamz Music Therapy Protocols The music therapy protocols developed with MusicWorx, Inc. are based on neuro music therapy (NMT) interventions that are ideal for use with patients with traumatic brain injuries, recovering from strokes or any other trauma. These music therapy protocols also provide opportunities for collaboration with occupational therapists and also include protocols for general health and wellness using music as the means for participants to connect their bodies to their mind with intense focus – without the physical tension used in other therapeutic means. Visit the music therapy page to learn more, watch videos of therapy session and to download a FREE sample of this protocol book.

Best Selling Song Bundles:

Pop/Dance DJ Got Us Falling In Love Hot N Cold Poker Face Potential Break Up Rumor Has It Scream & Shout Till The World Ends Umbrella We Found Love Who’s That Chick
Pop Classics Baby One More Time Heart Of Glass Is This Love Lean On Me Like A Virgin Margaritaville Old Time Rock And Roll Tequilla Sunrise Thriller Yeah
Karaoke Ain’t Too Proud To Beg Bad Romance Chain Of Fools Cooler Than Me Forget You Have I Told You Lately Hound Dog Paparazzi Shout Wild Thing
Golden Oldies Blue Suede Shoes Chain Of Fools Fever Fly Me To The Moon Fun, Fun, Fun Green Onions Hound Dog New York, New York Shout Splish Splash Stand By Me Take Five Tequilla
GiggleBellies ABC Superstar Great Big Ocean If You’re Happy I’ve Been Working On The Railroad Jingle Bells Old MacDonald Peanut Real Cool Space Team Twinkle Twinkle Wheels On The Bus
The Learning Station ABC Phonics 7 Days Of The Week Five Little Monkeys Counting To Ten Bingo 10 Little Monsters Shapes Animal Sounds 12 Months Of The Year Opposites
Rock (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For Let It Be Mony Mony Twist And Shout Wild Thing You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
Beamz Originals Cool Jazz Electrix Got Beatz Hammer’d Hayride In A Funk Moonshine Night Beats Requiem State Of Mind
Country All American Girl Before He Cheats I Like It I Love It If I Die Young I’m Gonna Miss Her Jesus Take The Wheel Mean Need You Now Our Song You Belong With M
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iOS/MAC users

Visit the “Beamz Store” within the Beamz application to browse the song library and purchase additional songs.