Testimonials & Customer Spotlights

“The majority of the clients I have the pleasure of working with are living with chronic mental illness, addictions, and/or a history of trauma. They are often trying desperately to manage their recovery with little to no support from others. I was astounded to see how the Beamz was able to give them a positive break from the stressful reality of their daily life. The recreational music making activities led to outcomes of reduced stress, increased control of thoughts, improved concentration, increased social interactions, and smiles; all while individuals were often in crisis.”

Debra Pakstis, CTRS – Temple University Hospital, Episcopal Campus, Philadelphia, PA
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“It has captured the interest and attention of some of the most isolated people I see for music therapy – those with limited communication, degenerative illness and traumatic brain injury. It supports and encourages individuals to be actively and independently involved in live music making. This makes Beamz an incredibly powerful way to showcase someone’s ability and potential – by-passing disability – providing a level playing field for incredible music making.”

Rachel Crennell, Music Therapist
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“My students love the BEAMZ! It has given us a creative and exciting tool to add to our daily activities with all of our students.”

Colleen Presley, Lamar Elementary School
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“Music therapy is beneficial to helping pediatric patients express themselves. Kids can use this innovative music technology regardless of physical or cognitive ability to have fun while receiving a variety of therapeutic benefits. Thank you, Beamz, for your shared passion to improve the life and health of kids and families in local communities.”

Starlight Foundation

“Over 20 minutes, we showed her lots of different positions. Then within a moment we noticed her mother’s face light up as the young girl reached for the Beamz with her left hand. This was the first time her mother had ever seen her reach out for anything with her left hand!”

Katrina Davenport, Hearing Specialist, Nebo School District
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“The beauty of this trial has been observing everyone being able to partake and use the Beamz regardless of the level of their ability.”

Mark Nichols, Special Education Supervisor of Assistive Technology, Loudoun County Public School District
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“I’ve used the Beamz Music System with students that range from kindergarten to fifth grade, both with and without disabilities. Whether using it as a center in my classroom, to help kids with ADHD take a break during their academic day, or to help kids with autism get the sensory input they need, the Beamz delivers an exciting approach to learning while building self-esteem and independence. It would be so beneficial for my students to be able to take this experience into their homes to enjoy with the whole family.”

-Anne Fishburne, Resource Specialist, Cajon Valley Unified School District, San Diego County, CA
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“As a neurologist and research scientist, I support that the possibilities within your technology are limitless for individuals of all ages. From children with developmental disabilities to those facing serious life-threatening illnesses, Beamz makes perfect sense. For children and adults in rehabilitation, Beamz has extraordinary potential to facilitate and accelerate ongoing progress. In the context of senior care, Beamz can help older people discover renewed confidence, meaning and value through the joy of recreational music making.”

-Barry Bittman, MD – President & CEO, Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute
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“The Apogee Project is all about empowering people with complex additional needs to more indpendent with the help of technology. We work closely with people who may have complex difficulties such as Cerebral Palsy, Rett syndrome, Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Nerone Disease, aquired brain inquiry, spinal cord injury and other associated difficulties.

Music is such a huge motivator and we have found Beamz to be a great resource for enabling fun, simple and unrestricted quality music creation for people no matter how complex their additional needs or impairment might be.”

-The Apogee Project
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“The ‘Beamz’ equipment has brought new excitement and interest into our music lessons…The units work beautifully alongside our existing equipment to provide quality musical learning experiences.”

-Paul Boucher, Music Co-ordinator & Classteacher, Westover Green Community School
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“[Beamz] …has proved a fantastic tool when used in a Music Therapy context, helping children to communicate more freely.”

-Phil Wickham, Trustee, Life Right Foundation
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“The Beamz has opened up a new world of music to my 11 year old daughter Becky, who has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy…The software is very clever…and the Beamz build creativity so that even a severely disabled child like Becky can experience great success in music making.”

-Fiona Tyler, parent
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“Dan loves loves his new Beamz! Dan attends a private, Christian school in Arlington, Texas for children and adults with Down Syndrome. I think many of the students at his school would love this too. I’m spreading the word!”

-Jenny Ritcher, Dan’s Mother

“Clinton and I enjoy playing Beamz together! We really like being able to build on the background track by adding in different instruments we like. We love that we can make our own music, our own unique songs. Clinton is very animated when he plays Beamz, he really gets into it and he loves doing Karaoke–he makes up his own words instead of reading the word prompts. Big Thanks to Share Your Blessings for the gift of music!”

-Art Gode, Clinton’s Father

“Kevin has been inspired musically by the Beamz. He often sings and plays along to the music and it’s really added an element of great imagination and enjoyment for him. Thank you for the generous gift of the Beamz.”

-Andrea and Brad Wooldridge, Kevin’s Parents

Beamz AblePlay Rating

The National Lekotek’s AblePlay has performed it’s rigorous review of the Beamz. The “exceptional” and “very good” ratings are among the highest ranked scores awarded by AblePlay out of the list of products that have undergone the same review. Click here to view full report.

“We believe the Beamz Family Song Bundle and Beamz Family Play Guide will have a great impact on the special needs market. The compilation and creation of the bundle and the Family Play Guide will help to bring children of all skill levels together and create shared experiences for the entire family through music.”

-Macy Kaiser, National Lekotek Center director

Awards & Recognition

  • Lekotek’s AblePlay Rating–Ranks In Top Five of All AblePlay Reviews
  • National Geographic Kids – Beamz featured as one of “5 Smart Toys” in December 2014/January 2015 issue
  • Creative Kids Magazine – 2014 Creative Play of the Year Award
  • The National Parenting Center – Spring 2014 Seal Of Approval Recipient – Beamz by Flo
  • Dr. Gadget 2013 Must-Have Holiday Gift on The Wendy Williams Show
  • The Toy Man® Product Guide – 5-Star Rating & Seal Of Approval 2011-2012; Recipient of The Toy Man® Award of Excellence & The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award
  • Billboard.com Top Five “Coolest” Products at CES 2011
  • Best of CES 2011 by Leo Laporte on ABC’s LIVE! With Regis & Kelley
  • Digital Trends – Best of Toy Fair 2011
  • Best Tools For Schools – Most Innovative Tool – 2010 Summer NAMM
  • Toy Insider 2010 Holiday Gift Guide – Top Item for Tweens