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Music Is Captivating

The very nature of Beamz—lasers, sounds and songs—appeals to students who present on the Autism Spectrum. In a recent study, music as the means of providing auditory stimulation has been proven as most effective when compared to more historical approaches like white noise and recordings of vocal stereotypy (Saylor, Sidener & Reeve, 2012). In addition to being a sensory necessity, music therapy, music education and instruction using music, have positive impact on cognition, literacy, emotional and social skills.

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Classrooms and Sensory Rooms

Beamz is the perfect menu item for many students’ sensory diet. Each child has a unique set of sensory needs. Generally, a child whose nervous system is on “high trigger/too wired” needs more calming input, while the child who is more “sluggish/too tired” needs more arousing input. Beamz can be used for both. In addition to being a tool that can address the individual needs of each student, Beamz can be used in Sensory rooms, or in classrooms. Our activities target developmental skills and facilitate social integration between your students with Autism and their peers.


Parents Love It

Families that include children with Autism strive especially hard to get those kids to connect with the other members of their family. That’s why we have a Home Edition! The Home Edition includes different “activities” created in collaboration with the National Lekotek Center. They are actually games that invisibly target the development of various skills. For example, you can work on finger motion, sequencing, right-hand/left–hand identification, choice-making, and other fine motor skills. Incorporate listening and responding activities, predicting moods and more. Beamz uses music to create great opportunities for interaction.


What’s Included – Beamz Professional Edition

  • Beamz Laser Controller
  • Beamz Cross-Platform Player Software for Windows, Mac or iOS
  • 50 songs featuring a broad representation of music styles, genres and instruments
  • Activity Guide with sample activities for educators, therapists and professionals
  • Beamz Studio Software for editing and creating Beamz interactive songs (PC software)
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