Life Skills
Blind & VI

Easy to Navigate

Beamz Laser Controller is constructed in such a way that students who are blind or visually impaired can navigate easily. Lasers are inset so that students can use touch to guide interruption of the lasers along each side of the controller arms to trigger musical instruments, sound effects and more. The buttons on the front of the controller interface with Beamz Player Software, controlling all of the critical functionality needed to Beamz Music System to its fullest. Each of the buttons are uniquely shaped so that students can quickly memorize the layout. Further, Beamz Windows Player Software is compatible with screen readers so that students can receive auditory feedback related to instrument line-up and all controls and commands within the software.

Instructional Tool for Early Learners

The auditory nature of Beamz makes it a great way to teach early learning concepts. Use percussion instruments to break down syllables, create listening and responding activities with the thousands of instruments sounds available in our vast song collections or queue up children’s songs that include silly instruments that can be deployed during repeated chorus lines.

Creative Outlet

Beamz is just plain fun. Students who are blind and visually impaired can compose their own original song mixes, record their performances and share with their friends and family through audio devices and social media. Beamz interactive song library covers a wide range of music genres—blues, pop, country, rap, classical, jazz, rock and many more.


What’s Included – Beamz Professional Edition

  • Beamz Laser Controller
  • Beamz Cross-Platform Player Software for Windows, Mac or iOS
  • 50 songs featuring a broad representation of music styles, genres and instruments
  • Activity Guide with sample activities for educators, therapists and professionals
  • Beamz Studio Software for editing and creating Beamz interactive songs (PC software)
Songs & Specs