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Using Music to Teach Basic Concepts

Beamz is an interactive Music System that uses lasers to trigger musical instruments, sound effects and songs. The uniqueness is this, we’re using music to teach a wide range of early learning concepts and skills. Research tells us over and over that interplay with music cultivates creativity and improves cognition, reading and math skills. Beamz has a variety of Interactive Music Videos (IMVs), songs and activities that embed the critical building-block skills that promise to increase the likelihood of success children will experience throughout their K-12 career. Our content collections address alphabetic principals, phonics, shapes, counting, life skills, early music education and more.


Interactive Music Videos—An Extraordinary New Learning Media for Students

Beamz has created a new category of music videos for children—they’re completely interactive. Beamz move students from being a spectator, to being an author and active participant. Instead of listening to “I’ve Been Working On the Railroad”, they become the whistles, the steam and musical instruments that accompany the song. Instead of only singing their ABC’s, they’re choosing the letters and sounds the ABC’s make, they’re choosing words that start with that letter. Additionally, they can create, record and share their unique compilations and listen to them over and over, or start from scratch each time.


What’s Included – Beamz Professional Edition

  • Beamz Laser Controller
  • Beamz Cross-Platform Player Software for Windows, Mac or iOS
  • 50 songs featuring a broad representation of music styles, genres and instruments
  • Activity Guide with sample activities for educators, therapists and professionals
  • Beamz Studio Software for editing and creating Beamz interactive songs (PC software)
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