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Beamz is an interactive music system that uses lasers to trigger musical instruments, sound effects, songs and more. It’s an innovative tool for introductory music education and to combine a music making activities to make connections to other subjects.

Throughout the Beamz music library and the interactive songs included with the Beamz Professional Edition product there are hundreds of different instruments, sound effects and vocals to showcase the instruments of the world. Sample activities also included with Beamz Professional Edition product outline how to use the Beamz for teaching time signature, combining Beamz play with percussion instruments and instrument sound recognition activities.

Life Skills Lesson Plans and Therapy Resources are also available to use Beamz to serve your students with special needs.


MIDI Laser Controller

Familiar with MIDI? Beamz is also a MIDI laser controller any may be used as a creative input and/or performance tool with any MIDI compliant applications, including Notion, Albeton, etc.

Add Beamz to your music technology lab and provide your students a creative and simple to use controller. The latest Beamz controller is also responsive enough to “conduct” virtual instruments using software like Notion moving a baton through the laser beams for real world performance.

Beamz Studio

The pre-programmed interactive songs included with the Beamz Professional Edition are just a starting point. If you’re making music samples in digital audio workstation applications like ProTools, then you can build your own interactive songs using the Beamz Studio PC software.

Beamz Studio also enables you to edit any of the pre-programmed songs – modifying how the instrument samples are played back, changing the labels displayed in the dashboard, importing your own samples….there are no limits to your creativity.


What’s Included – Beamz Professional Edition

  • Beamz Laser Controller
  • Beamz Cross-Platform Player Software for Windows, Mac or iOS
  • 50 songs featuring a broad representation of music styles, genres and instruments
  • Activity Guide with sample activities for educators, therapists and professionals
  • Beamz Studio Software for editing and creating Beamz interactive songs (PC software)
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