RMA form for US & Canadian customers only.

This form is for use AFTER obtaining an RMA # from Beamz Tech Support or Customer Service to process a replacement product shipment order.

Customers outside the US & Canada should contact the dealer where the unit was purchased from to process a return of a defective unit.

Important Notes/Troubleshooting:

(1) Verfiy that the switch adjacent to the USB connection on the rear panel of the unit is set to HID. To reset, unplug the USB connection, move the switch to HID, then reconnect the USB cable.

(2) The C1R42 model was designed so that users may adjust laser beams out of alignment. Here are the how to instructions: Laser-Alignment-Instructions-C1R42-RevA

(3) If the laser beams power on for a few seconds and then go “out”, there is a driver installation issue. If the lasers do not power on, check to be sure the driver is installed properly (check status in the Device Manager within the Windows Control Panel).

For C6 model users, take out the arms of the beams and reset firmly into the base; if there is not a firm connection, the hardware will not behave properly.

(4) Make sure the C4 unit is being used on a flat surface. If the unit is on a flat surface and a black indicator light remains constant, then there is an alignment issue that is not field serviceable.

(5) The “white” condition code in the software means that a laser sensor(s) is/are being flooded by an external light source (e.g. bright direct sunshine, sunset, cloud cover/grey sky, stage lighting, fluorescent lighting).