IT Manager Resources – Setting Up Beamz on PC Computers

Installers for the Beamz Player and/or Beamz Studio applications and Beamz song installers should be run by an administrator or a non-admin user has permission application installation permission. Non-admin users with installation permission need to “run” the Beamz installers as an admin in order for the driver installation to properly complete and for song installers to “write” the songs to the Beamz music library folder.

Beamz interactive songs are installed in a “public” documents folder so that they are accessible for multiple users logging into a shared computer. Non-admin users MUST have read/write access to the Beamz folder in order for the interactive songs to load into the Beamz Player and/or Beamz Studio application.

Default Beamz Music Folder Location:
Windows 7/8 – C:/Users/Public/Public Documents/Beamz
Windows XP – C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Shared Documents/Beamz

Driver Installation

The laser beams on the Beamz controller are activated after the Beamz Player or Beamz Studio application is running with an interactive song loaded and ready for play.

When the Beamz controller is properly installed and ready to communicate to the Beamz Player or Beamz Studio application, the Beamz Interactive USB Controller will be displayed within the Universal Serial Bus controllers device tree in Device Manager (see notes below for instructions regarding how to navigate to Device Manager).

If there is an “unknown” device within the Device Manager (indicated by an ! mark or ? mark next to the “unknown” device), that is likely to be the Beamz controller. Highlight the device, then right click and select “Update Driver Software…” from the menu. When presented with the dialogue box asking for the driver location, do not proceed with the automatic search option. Select the “Browse my computer for driver software” option and use the BROWSE button to designate the location of the Beamz driver:

Driver Location:
C:Program Files (x86)/Beamz Player/Driver64 (for 64bit computers*)
C:Program Files (x86)/Beamz Studio/Driver64 (for 64bit computers*)

C:Program Files/Beamz Player/Driver32 (for 32bit computers)
C:Program Files (x86)/Beamz Studio/Driver32 (for 32bit computers)

*if your computer does not have a Program Files (x86) folder, it is a 32bit computer)

Beamz Device Not Found/More Driver Troubleshooting

If the Beamz controller or an “unknown” device is not included in the Device Manager, proceed with the following steps:

1. Keep Device Manager open, unplug the Beamz controller from the computer. For C1R42 model users (black controller with red lit logo), move the switch on the rear of the controller to MIDI then back into HID.
2. Reconnect the Beamz to the computer into the same USB port; if the Beamz is not recognized, then unplug and reinsert into another USB port.
3. If the Beamz is still not recognized, restart your computer.
4. If you encounter the same non-found result, check your computer for uninstalled/pending Windows OS updates – not running these may prevent installation of new devices.

How to navigate to Device Manager

Windows 8: Touch the Windows key (window pane icon), select the Search function (the magnifying glass icon), then type Device Manager in search bar.

Windows 7: Click the Windows start icon in the lower right corner of the desktop, scroll up and to the right column and select Control Panel. When in the “view by Category” mode, click on the System and Security link, then scroll down to the System area and click on Device Manager; when in the “view by icon” mode, scroll through the list of icons to locate and click on the Device Manager.

Windows XP: Click the Windows start icon in the lower right corner of the desktop, scroll up and to the right column and select Control Panel. Scroll down the list and click on System, click on the Hardware tab, then click on the Device Manager button.

Laser Beam Alignment

The latest generation Beamz controller, the model C1R42 (black controller with 4 laser beams and a backlit beamz logo), was designed so that users may adjust laser beams out of alignment.


Laser Information

Beamz laser controller products include red class 2 laser beams. As a reference point, these laser beams are in similar strength used in scanners at consumer retailers. Casual eye contact with the laser beams is safe and not harmful. Detailed laser information: