Technical FAQs – Discontinued Models: C4/C6

Important notes – in order for Beamz software applications to run properly:

– Windows XP users must be running service pack 2 and have .NET 2.0 Framework installed
(click here to get .NET 2.0)

– Windows Vista users must be running service pack 2 and then must install all the important updates recommended by Microsoft.

Installation/Troubleshooting Questions

Q. Some of the beams are playing by themselves. What should I do?
A. Beamz Player Model C4 users: Connect the Beamz to your computer and load a song. The dashboard will display the laser beams “red” if ready to communicate properly with the hardware. If a laser is displayed as “black”, make sure the unit is on a flat level surface. If the unit is on a flat surface and you continue to have a “black” laser displayed that means there is an issue with the laser and/or laser sensor that is not field serviceable.

Beamz Model C6 users: This may happen if the arms of the beams are not firmly connected to the base. Disconnect your Beamz from your computer, remove the arms and then reinsert into the base. Now reconnect your Beamz back to your computer.

Q. The lasers on my Beamz unit aren’t lighting up.
A. First, start by making sure your Beamz Player or Beamz Studio software is open and running with a song loaded; the laser beams in the Beamz hardware will only be active when a Beamz song is loaded in the software and the software dashboard is displaying the lasers as “red” on screen – “red” lasers on the software dashboard means the song loaded is ready to be play. Second, make sure the power button on the dashboard has not been set to off (for the model C6, the power button is displayed in the lower left area of the screen; for the model C4, the power button is displayed in the lower right area of the dashboard).

Now connect your Beamz unit to your computer and confirm that the USB cable connection to the computer and the Beamz unit is not loose. If the Beamz unit lasers light up for a few seconds and then go off, or they do not come up at all, the device driver may not be installed properly. For instructions how to install/re-install the Driver, goto the PC Setup Resources page.

*Model C6 (6 beam model, grey) users: Make sure your Beamz unit is on a flat, stable, level surface and the controller arms are securely inserted into the Beamz base.

Q. How can I use the Beamz Model C4 or C6 with a MAC computer?
A. The Beamz Player application for the C4 or C6 models are PC-based applications. To use the Beamz with a MAC computer you’ll need to use the Boot Camp software utility from Apple or third party virtualization software such as VMware Fusion.

Q. My Beamz Player Model C4 is not working and when the unit is connected to the computer all of the laser beams are displayed as white. What does this mean?
A. If this happens while using the Beamz in normal indoor lighting conditions, all “white” laser beams in the software dashboard means there is loose wiring between the laser beam and the sensors. This unfortunately happens if a unit was handled improperly somewhere in the shipping process.

Q. When I try to open the Beamz software I get a “cannot initialize error” message from Windows. What should I do?
A. This is an error encountered by XP users with systems running .NET v1.1 Framework. Beamz software applications require that Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework or later is installed on your computer. Go to the Microsoft web site and download .NET 2.0 for XP – it is a free download – click here. Once installed your Beamz application will open and work accordingly.

Q. I just installed a song that I downloaded from the Beamz web site and it is not available in my master playlist.
A. First, make sure the song was installed into the same folder where your other Beamz songs are stored. If the Beamz software is open, close the application, then re-open the Beamz application and the song should be available in your master list.

Q. The ShadowBeamz interactive music game won’t open or isn’t working properly. What should I do?
A. The ShadowBeamz game requires that Adobe Flash Player is installed on your computer. Go to to download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Q. I am using the Beamz with a laptop computer and the power for my Beamz unit is shutting down between playing songs.
A. The Beamz draws its’ power from the laptop via a USB port. When you are running a laptop on battery power the laptop manages power consumption through power management settings to maximize battery life. Some laptop models have default power management settings to disable (i.e. turn off) USB ports after a specified time of inactivity. Simply unplugging and reinserting the USB cable to the laptop will restore power to the Beamz. When using the Beamz with a laptop, it is best to use the Beamz application in the “High Performance Mode” power setting.

Q. I get an error that says “All pipe instances are busy.”
A. If you close and restart the software too fast, you will get an error that says “all pipe instances are busy”. Just click OK and the software will continue to load, but the Beamz unit will not come on. The software must be closed again and restarted.

Q. The laser beams are on, but when I touch a beam nothing happens. What should I do?
Assuming that your software and hardware have been installed properly and the Beamz was working before just fine, it is likely that one or more of the laser beam sensors are being flooded by an external light source. Lighting conditions that could “flood” the sensor include: bright direct sunlight, fluorescent lighting, grey skies during an overcast day or end of day glows from sunsets.

The Beamz Player software for the model C4 (v2.0.4.1) includes condition code functionality. When the lasers are shown as “red” on display, they are ready for play. If the lasers are “white” that means that a specific laser beam sensor is being flooded by an external light source. Move the unit around; the software rechecks the environment every second for changes in lighting.

Q. Why is there no sound coming from Beamz?
A. Check that your computer is not on mute and that the volume levels are appropriate.

Q. May I use the Beamz with a USB hub?
A. For best performance, connect the Beamz unit directly into a USB port on your computer. Connecting the Beamz to a USB hub may cause latency in music playback; moreover, performance may vary with different USB hub products from different manufacturers.

Q. The Beamz songs are taking a long time to load. What I can do?
A. The Beamz software applications require at least 1GB of RAM. If you experiencing slow song “load” times (the lasers within a song on the dashboard will display “grey” as a song is loaded), close all other applications you are not using to free up RAM on your computer. Important note: all Beamz songs are different sizes, with some songs exceeding 150MB – that is why some will load faster than others.