Beamz in Therapy & Rehab

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Music For Health

Engage Your Clients, Residents & Patients Using Music

Beamz is an innovative tool for therapists to use music making for extraordinary client engagement and to accelerate therapeutic outcomes. Just listening to music provides most patients great benefits for brain fitness, memory recall and improving communication. Interacting with music, adding movement and engaging in the activity of making music enables even greater benefits for cognition, socialization and motivation.

Beamz is being used in care communities, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools and homes throughout the world by occupational, music and recreation therapists for both individual and group activity. Imagine treatment, intervention and maintenance plans that have your patients and clients working toward their functional objectives via music. Everyone knows that music moves the soul, but wait until you see how it moves the body and sharpens the mind!


Universal Design

It’s Easy To Get Started

The Beamz interactive music system is a recreational music making product universally designed so that professionals may use with clients of varying skills from pediatrics to geriatrics. Unlike traditional music instruments, the learning curve for professionals to use and for clients to enjoy Beamz is just a few minutes. As your clients’ skills develop, the Beamz music library provides opportunities for them to interact with more complex music as treatment plans evolve – and the Beamz Professional Edition offering includes sample activities to provide therapists and professionals a starting point for structured use.

Use Beamz To Target An Array Of Skills In A Variety Of Settings

  • Pediatric & Child Life Services
  • Geriatric & Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Disability Day Care Programs & Camps
  • Behavioral Health Programs
  • Schools
  • At Home Care Therapy Services

Beamz & Music Can Be Used For A Wide Range Of Therapy Goals

Cognitive Goals

  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Following Directions
  • New Learning
  • Memory
  • Problem Solving
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sequencing
  • Physical Goals

  • Endurance
  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  • Range Of Motion
Social/Emotional Goals

  • Creative Expression
  • Decision Making
  • Empowerment
  • General Social Skills
  • Interpersonal Relating Skills
  • Listening
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Exploration
  • Team Work
  • Verbal Expression