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Close-up of Beamz controller during OT session with a student in a US school

Close-up of Beamz controller during OT session with a student in a school

Music Motivates & Encourages Movement

Use music making as a means to engage and motivate your patients, clients, residents and students. With its universal, non-intimidating design and recreational music making orientation, the Beamz music making tool is well suited to be used with people of varying ages, skills and abilities to interact with and experience the benefits of music making. The innovative use of laser beams provides an engaging and easily accessible means for participants to make music, regardless of physical skills or experience with traditional music instruments, given that no technical skills are needed to interrupt the laser beams for making the music. Moreover, the pre-programmed interactive songs created for use with the Beamz are setup with harmonious instruments that are tailored for playback into a specific background track so that participant may have an enjoyable experience making the music, whether they interact with the Beamz with simplicity or complexity.

Beamz Occupational Therapy Applications

In schools Beamz has been creatively used by Occupational Therapists collaborating with educators and other professionals in serving children with special needs. It’s been an extraordinary tool that entices kids of all ages for usage to build skills and/or to use as an award.

OT session in US school

OT session in US school

TBI patient playing with Beamz in daycare camp program

TBI patient playing with Beamz in daycare camp program

Beyond schools and camp programs, Beamz is an innovative music making tool for healthcare, working with patients with TBI or recovering from other trauma effecting cognition skills. Given its versatility, Beamz may also be used by OTs conducting hybrid therapy sessions with music therapists, as well as a tool to collaborate with other healthcare providers to work on specific goals in a patient’s continuum of care.

Using Music Making For Skill Building

In the realm of occupational therapy, music making simultaneously engages participants in multiple tasks utilizing:

  • visual perception, memory, tracking and scanning;
  • motor integration, range of motion, and upper body strength;
  • cognitive recall, memory and attention span

Music provides motivation for movement and engagement; and the Beamz provides an approachable and accessible means for anyone to experience making music and using music to accomplish therapeutic goals.

OT Usage Observations

“[Beamz] challenged the client’s multi-tasking skills, motor planning and sequencing skills, as well as encouraging accurate visual motor skills for reaching to break the beam. [The patient] smiled more than he ever does with motor training activities! I was impressed that when his favored upper extremity tired, he was motivated to use non-favored upper extremity to continue making music.”

“…great exercise on working memory. The marines were engaged and you could really see them working on remembering where the different instrument beams were.”

Protocols for Structured Use

Protocols and sample activities are available for use with the Beamz to provide professionals the structure and measurement tools to accomplish a range of therapeutic goals including cognitive, physical, social/emotional, sensory, and other life skills using music as the engagement vehicle.

Beamz Therapy Guide

TU-Rehab Sci Logo The Beamz Therapy Guide, developed with the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Temple University, provides protocols that may be used by all clinicians and includes measurement tools for therapists to use Beamz and music making for a range of cognitive, physical and social/emotional goals.

Music Therapy Protocols

MusicWorx-Logo The music therapy protocols developed with MusicWorx, Inc. are based on neuro music therapy (NMT) interventions that are ideal for use with patients with traumatic brain injuries, recovering from strokes or any other trauma. These music therapy protocols also provide opportunities for collaboration with occupational therapists and also include protocols for general health and wellness using music as the means for participants to connect their bodies to their mind with intense focus – without the physical tension used in other therapeutic means.


Beamz Professional Edition – Therapy Bundle

Professional Edition Includes:

  • Beamz Laser Controller
  • Beamz Cross-Platform Player Software for Windows, Mac or iOS
  • 50 songs featuring a broad representation of music styles, genres and instruments
  • Activity Guide with sample activities for educators, therapists and professionals
  • Beamz Studio Software for editing and creating Beamz interactive songs (PC software)

Therapy Bundle Adds:

  • Beamz Therapy Guide – collection of 15 protocols with measurements tools and resources to service broad patient populations to accomplish a wide variety of cognitive, physical and social/emotional goals ($149.95 value)
  • 30 additional Beamz interactive songs paired for use with the protocols
  • Beamz Soft Case – ideal solution for storage and light travel needs ($49.95 value)