Beamz By Flo

Play The Light

Beamz technology and its interactive music library enables anyone to experience the satisfaction and fun of making great sounding music. There's also great applications for novel approaches to accelerate therapy, enable people with special needs, improve quality of life for seniors and to engage students in education.

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Artists & Music

Beamz is always on the pulse of the music scene. We collaborate with talented musicians from every genre and release new Beamz interactive songs based on Billboard Top 100 lists each month. Learn More

Visit the BeamzMusic web store to get more Beamz interactive songs available to use on your PC computer. MAC, iPad and iPhone users may browse the Beamz interactive music library options from the Beamz application itself and to purchase additional content using your Apple ID.

Beamz Events

March 27-29 - SWAMTA - Addison, TX

April 3-6 - AOTA - Baltimore, MD

April 9-13 - The Gadget Show Live - Birmingham, UK